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The Michael O'Brian Band

Our CDs are not available online. They can be purchased at our shows or you can inquire via email:


CD #1: "Michael O'Brian Live at Irwins" (double CD set)

(What an old, old picture....hilarious! posting your high school pictures on line!) Backstory: Although this is not where it all started, this is where we picked up momentum. Thanks to the proprieter, Denny Irwin, who heard us at the Station Inn and decided his regulars would love it! And they did. When we first stepped into Irwin's, we thought we were going to die! We never saw so many tatoos and pierced body parts (and that was just the women)! But turned out to be a nicer and more enthusiastic bunch of pub dwellers you'd ever want to meet. Imagine a bunch of Harley riders standing up and proudly doing the hand motions to "The Unicorn" song. And when they ran out of table room, they easily picked up the pool table and hefted it outside, thank you very much. We captured it all live, as usual!


CD #2: "Michael O'Brian Live - Sittin at The Station"

Backstory: THIS is where it all started! Once we realized just how much in demand the first CD was, we decided we just had to go back and record one at The Station Inn in Cresson, PA. We'll always remember The Station as our home the way a good pub is supposed to comfortably wrap around you on a cold winter's night. The proprieter, Tom Davis, really does look like Santa Claus on the off season, and his heart and generosity is just the same. And most importantly - they had Guinness on tap! On a few nights we even kicked the keg. The Station Inn still operates as a B&B but, sadly, the pub is no longer in operation.


CD #3 recorded live at The Phyrst, State College, PA is now available in both PG and CD #4 R-rated versions! Yes, it does include the R-rated versions of Seven Drunken Nights, 3-inch Tool, Alice and more!

Backstory:  This is a place where the college folks line up to get in at about the morning!!  We knew from the first song we had found the perfect audience. We made fast friends with the crew from "table one" that continues to this day, even though they've been spread to the four corners of the earth. This CD tries to capture some of the revelry and rituals of a typical evening with table wars and bell ringing. But some things you just gotta see to the hydrant!  We're there most frequently after home Penn State football games...but you never know when we'll pop up.


Michael O'Brian Band

"Our Phyrst Time"

The long awaited CD#5!  This was recorded live at Shananagan's in Johnstown, PA.  It was long-awaited because we had to learn from scratch how to go about getting permissions for copy-rights! We decided to include many of our most requested cover tunes. (Did you know that the song "Ireland" recorded by Garth Brooks was actually written by 3 people....and all 3 had to be contacted separately just for one song!)?

Here you will find Ireland by Garth Brooks, Locomotive Breath by Jethro Tull, I'm Gonna Be (500 miles) by the Proclaimers, and With or Without You by U2!!


CD#6.....well......we ARE working on it!